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Email connectivity issues for Comcast customers
If you are having issues with email lately and are a Comcast user please read:   Comcast has changed the settings on your modem / router for connecting to email. I...
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Winona School of Photography Testimonial
On behalf of the Winna School of Photography I want to thank you for your time , personal expertise and ecouragement to our students. Your dedicaton to your craft & v...
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Testimonial from Friends of Goose Pond
January 10th, 2014   Dear Mike,Our organization, Friends of Goose Pond, is a relatively small, young group dedicated to the conservation and support of Goose Pond ...
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Social Media

Social Media Strategic Plan

At 24/7 Designs we use mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube to help our clients reach out to their customers by providing them with the tools necessary to launch a successful Social Media Campaign.

A Social Media Campaign takes the power of a website and uses the tools of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to successfully enhance the marketing of the business. Creating relevant content in numerous locations throughout the internet will provide the necessary components to display your website at the top  of  search engine results.



facebook reflectionFacebook has provided a number of tools that make it a powerful tool for businesses and brands. By creating a Facebook Page all those customers interested in your business can become “fans”, and when they do, all their friends will see this, therefore, getting your name out to customers who weren’t even looking for you. It gives businesses a powerful advertising engine that enables businesses to specify a specific demographic target and advertise to that market. At 24/7 Designs we give our clients tips and information on how to use Facebook effectively to promote their businesses.





twit reflectionTwitter is a constant stream of communication between businesses and their clients. It gives brands and businesses great insight into their customers lives. It allows them to get great insight and feedback, it increases traffic flow to their website, and it helps them spread their identity to places that their competitors who don’t use Twitter could never get to. Twitter has a whole world of available support applications you can employ to gain the most of the service for your business. Let 24/7 Designs help you determine which of those applications would be best for you business and show you how to use them effectively.



youtubelogoWhile social networking and blog strategies that use search engine optimization technology are the most typical methods of marketing online, Youtube video’s are a far more interesting way to market you website and brand online. Youtube offers you access to viewers from every walk of life all over the world. Viral video marketing is a great way to get your brand noticed by a huge amount of people in a short time. It’s also a great way for a business with a small budget to garner some free advertising. 24/7 Designs can show you how to use video to successfully advertise on Youtube to gain access to more clients than ever before possible.