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Email connectivity issues for Comcast customers
If you are having issues with email lately and are a Comcast user please read:   Comcast has changed the settings on your modem / router for connecting to email. I...
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Winona School of Photography Testimonial
On behalf of the Winna School of Photography I want to thank you for your time , personal expertise and ecouragement to our students. Your dedicaton to your craft & v...
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Testimonial from Friends of Goose Pond
January 10th, 2014   Dear Mike,Our organization, Friends of Goose Pond, is a relatively small, young group dedicated to the conservation and support of Goose Pond ...
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At 24/7 Designs, we aspire to provide the highest quality customer service around the clock, in an effort to provide our clients with innovative technology driven design solutions to help them achieve their marketing goals.

As a team we work collectively to establish clear customer-oriented goals so that we can deliver positive results in order to establish trust with our clients and to add value to their business. Our wide range of experience in the development of custom marketing solutions provides us with the knowledge to complete projects on time and on budget. However, it is the personal relationships we build with our clients, taking time to understand their specific needs, which drives our success. Our goal at 24/7 Designs is to build long term business partnerships with our clients, not just strike one time business deals.




Our History

As the nature of business changes, we have to change the nature of our business as well. Mike Stutler had originally opened Stutler Photography in 1998 which was abundantly successful, and as his business grew he saw the trend of business shifting gears towards e-commerce.

After becoming proficient in HTML, Java, PHP and Ajax coding languages Mike designed his own website and because of the attractiveness, ease of use, and professionally designed pages people began to enquire about what web designing services that he offered. was born from that newly developed niche in 2003 while Stutler Photography was still going strong.

In 2009, with years of experience and success in both of his businesses Mike saw that the natural path for his companies to follow were into a combined effort to bring integrated social marketing, photography, and superior website design 24/7. Learning new coding languages such as MySql, 24/7 Designs LLC has had the ability to offer their customers custom content management websites which allow the clients to easily update their own site.

24/7 Designs is here to offer our customers superior service with custom tailored websites because we know each of our customers are individuals and should be treated as such. We work actively with each of our clients to ensure that their vision and their needs are proficiently met. Even though we have been expanding our scope of business and our client base Mike is still available all the time to assist our customers.